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The Ultimate Guide to How Much Syrup Is in One Pump

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Coffee syrups are an excellent way to add variety to your daily coffee or latte. Syrups are easy, convenient, and add personality and flavor to your coffee. Most coffee shops offer a large variety of syrups, and coffee syrups can also be purchased to use at home. 

If you frequently purchase coffee from your favorite coffee shop or have recently decided to buy syrups to try out at home, you may be wondering how much syrup is in one pump. Coffee syrups allow you to enhance the flavor of your coffee or other beverages, and they come in many different flavors such as vanilla, mocha, and caramel. 

How much syrup is in one pump? Keep reading to find out. 

How Much Syrup Is in One Pump?

a barista adding syrup to an ice cold coffee

In one pump of syrup, there is roughly an ounce of liquid. Depending on how small or large your beverage is, you may prefer anything from one to four pumps of syrup. In a 12-ounce beverage, one pump, or one ounce of syrup, is probably enough flavor for your drink.

Some people prefer 2 pumps of syrup, or 2 ounces, for a 12-ounce drink. It depends primarily on personal preference and how sweet you prefer your coffee beverage to be. For a larger drink that’s 16oz or 20oz, you may want to add 4 or more pumps of syrup.

How Much Syrup Is in a Coffee Drink?

On average, a barista will add 2 pumps of syrup to a 12oz coffee drink. If you have not tried  coffee with syrup before, try starting with 2 pumps of syrup. You will then be able to determine if you’d prefer more or less syrup in the future. 

If you order a large coffee drink, it will likely come with 4 pumps (or 4oz) of syrup. This is the standard because most people are satisfied with the level of sweetness and flavor that 4 pumps provide. Some might find the level of sweetness to be too much, while others prefer to add even more pumps to their coffees.

How Many Teaspoons Are in a Pump of Syrup?

There are roughly 6 teaspoons in a pump of syrup. If you are measuring your coffee syrup in teaspoons, you can use this measurement to determine how much syrup you’d prefer. Pumps of syrup can even be halved simply by pressing the syrup pump halfway down instead of all the way down. 

How Much Liquid Is in a Pump of Syrup?

A pump of syrup has about an ounce of liquid. If you order a 12oz drink with 2 pumps of syrup, roughly 2 ounces of the drink will be syrup. This is typically a sufficient enough amount to enhance the flavor of your drink without it being overpowering or too sweet. 

How Many Pumps of Syrup Should I Use?

The amount of pumps of syrup you should use is mostly dependent on personal preference. Consider your preferences when it comes to other foods and beverages. Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you tend to gravitate towards very sweet foods, or do you prefer salty, savory foods?

If you have a sweet tooth, you may enjoy the enhanced flavor of extra pumps of syrup. If you tend to prefer foods that are more savory than sweet, you might like one or two pumps of syrup to add a subtle flavor to your coffee drink without making it overwhelmingly sweet. 

If you want to try coffee syrup but you’re worried it will be too sweet, start with one pump of syrup. Then, you will be able to determine if you enjoy the added flavor. You can always ask the barista to add more pumps to your coffee or add more pumps from your own coffee syrup if you’re using a bottle of syrup at home. 

How Much Syrup Is in a Latte?

a cup of latte with syrup

A latte is made using shots of espresso, steamed milk, and, if you prefer, added syrup for flavor. Most of the time, a latte is made up primarily of milk accompanied by 1-2 shots of espresso and a few pumps of syrup. 

With no syrup, lattes have a rich, creamy flavor of freshly brewed espresso and foamy milk. Many people enjoy the taste of a latte without any added sweetener. If you’re looking to add a little variety to your daily latte, adding syrup is an excellent way to explore new flavors while still enjoying the richness of a latte. 

Syrups come in a variety of flavors, and most coffee shops will have many to choose from. After determining which syrup flavor you like the most, you will need to decide how much syrup you’d like.

For a 12oz latte, the barista will likely suggest 2 pumps of syrup. A 16oz latte usually comes with 3 pumps of syrup, and a 20oz latte may come with 4 or more. This is enough to add flavor and personality to your latte without it being way too sweet.

If you want a very subtle flavor, you can request only one pump of syrup. If you like a lot of flavor and sweetness, you can request more pumps of syrup. 

What Is a Pump of Syrup in Tablespoons?

Each pump of syrup contains roughly 2 tablespoons of syrup. If you are measuring your syrup at home using a syrup bottle that does not have a pump, measuring the amount in tablespoons is the best way to go. In order to get the amount of syrup in a standard pump of syrup, measure out 2 tablespoons.

If you’re measuring syrup in tablespoons, you can measure out 4 tablespoons of syrup to achieve the same amount of syrup used in a standard 12oz drink, which is usually 2 pumps. 

How Many Ounces is 4 Pumps of Syrup? 

4 pumps of syrup equals around 4 ounces. In a 20oz drink with 4 pumps of syrup, 4 of the ounces are syrup. This is a sufficient enough amount to enhance the flavor of your coffee drink because syrup is very sweet and concentrated.

If you were to add much more than 4 pumps of syrup, you may find the drink to be overpoweringly sweet. For example, adding 10 pumps of syrup to a 20-ounce drink would mean that your drink is made of 50% syrup! At this point, the drink would be too sweet for almost anyone, and it would taste like you’re simply drinking syrup. 

How Much Sugar Is in a Pump of Syrup?

The amount of sugar in a pump of syrup varies depending on the brand of syrup and flavor of syrup. For reference, a pump of vanilla syrup contains roughly 5 grams of sugar. If you add 4 pumps of syrup to your coffee drink, you are consuming about 20 grams of sugar. 

Other syrups can have more sugar. For example, caramel syrup has about 7 grams of sugar in each pump. Depending on how much sweetness you prefer and how much sugar you want to consume, it is important to consider how much sugar is in a pump of syrup. 

How Many Calories Are in a Pump of Syrup?

The number of calories in a pump of syrup may vary slightly depending on the sweetness, flavor, and brand of each syrup. For reference, a pump of vanilla syrup contains around 20 calories. Adding 4 pumps of vanilla syrup to your drink will add about 80 calories to your drink.

If you’re tracking your calories, you may want to consider the calories of your syrup. Calories can quickly add up depending on how many pumps of syrup you add. Some people try to eat a certain number of calories in a day to gain or lose weight, and syrups can easily disrupt your calorie intake.

Is There 0 Calorie Coffee Syrup?

There are 0-calorie and 0-sugar coffee syrups available to purchase. If you’re looking to monitor your sugar or calorie intake, you may consider a 0-calorie or 0-sugar coffee syrup. Most coffee shops will have one or two flavors of 0-calorie or 0-sugar coffee syrups, usually in a simple flavor such as vanilla. 

Final Thoughts: How Much Syrup Is in One Pump?

If you’ve decided to add syrup to your coffee or latte, you may wonder how much syrup is in one pump. One pump of coffee syrup typically equals about an ounce of liquid, and a standard 12oz drink contains 2 pumps of syrup or 2 ounces. No matter what level of sweetness you enjoy, coffee syrups can be an excellent way to enhance the flavor of your beverage.


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