How to Use A Reusable K-Cup


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How to Use A Reusable K-Cup

Are you one of the avid coffee drinkers who love their Keurig but want to use a resuseable K-Cup? If so, you’ll be happy to know that reusable K-Cup are an option. These handy little cups can be used over and over again, drastically reducing the amount of waste produced by your coffee habit.

There are a few different types of reusable K-Cup available. Some are simply refillable pods that can be filled with your favorite coffee grounds (or even loose-leaf tea) and then popped into your Keurig just like a regular K-Cup. Other versions feature a permanent filter basket that can be reused indefinitely.

What Is a K-Cup?

The K-Cup is a coffee brewing system that allows you to make a single cup of coffee at a time. There are many different K-Cup available, including those containing flavored coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. You can also find K-Cup that are designed to be used with specific coffee makers.

Simple to Use System

The K-Cup brewing system is very simple to use. All you need to do is insert a K-Cup into the coffee maker and add water. The coffee maker will then brew the coffee for you. Depending on the type of K-Cup you are using, the brewing time may vary.


If you are looking for a convenient way to make a single cup of coffee, the K-Cup brewing system is a great option. There are many different types of K-Cup available, so you can easily find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, the brewing process is quick and easy. Meaning you can enjoy your cup of coffee in no time.

How to Use a Reusable K-Cup?

Here is a step-by-step rundown on the process:

  1. First, check that the reusable K-Cup is compatible with your specific Keurig mode.
  2. Scoop your coffee into the Reusable K-Cup. Two tablespoons of coffee should be enough for the average coffee drinker.
  3. Make sure to shake out the bits of coffee grounds that might have gotten through the reusable K-Cup when loading.
  4. Make sure the lid of your K-Cup is closed properly. Otherwise, your machine will leak and cause a mess.
  5. Put the K-Cup into your K-Cup machine and brew your small batch of coffee.
  6. Let the K-Cup cool off, and be careful not to burn yourself when cleaning out your reusable K-Cup.
  7. Shake the used coffee grounds out of your reusable K-Cup, and rinse it with water.
  8. Enjoy your fresh cup of coffee!

If You Want to Use a Filter

You can also use the filters if you do not want to taste coffee sludge at the bottom of your cup:

  • Be sure to close the lid properly after adding the filter
  • If you are using the filter, just pull out the filter – the clean up will be easier
  • Rinse your filter and K-Cup and let it dry
  • Reusable K-Cup can be used multiple times, but you should replace the filters after about 30 uses

My K-Cup

When you order a reusable My K-Cup you will most probably get four parts, depending on the product. Here is how to use it:

  1. The first flat round thing will be the Plus series brewer adapter – you use that one if you have a Plus series machine.
  2. You need to take out the regular K-Cup filter holder from your machine – you do that by pulling at the top of the housing while pushing up from the bottom of the housing.
  3. Put about two tablespoons of coffee into the reusable filter. You can use both medium grind and coarse grind. 
  4. Put the filter into the reusable K-Cup. You will probably receive the version that is plastic with metal mesh. 
  5. Take the filter, put the lid on it, and add the housing of the filter.
  6. When putting the lid onto the filter and housing, put the lid onto the place where there is a symbol for an unlocked lock, then twist it slightly to the lock icon.
  7. When putting the My-K-Cup into the coffee machine, make sure to center the lock in front of you with the arrow facing the back of the machine.
  8. Pour in the water for your Keurig machine.
  9. Pull the brewer handle or press the brewer button to start brewing.

Make the Most out of Your Keurig Machine

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy the convenience of your Keurig single-serve coffee maker. But those little K-Cup can add up, both in terms of coffee costs and waste. There are many Keurig coffee machine models that can help you enjoy the best the coffee industry has to offer. Luckily, there are ways to use your Keurig without resorting to disposable K-Cup. Here are a few tips:

  • Use K-Cup reusable coffee filters. These filters allow you to use your own ground coffee, tea leaves, or hot chocolate mix in a K-Cup. Simply fill the filter with your desired beverage and brew as usual.
  • Make your own single-serve packets from reusable coffee pods. There are several companies that sell reusable K-Cup packages that you can fill with your own coffee grounds or tea leaves. This is a great way to reduce waste and save money.
  • Use a reusable K-Cup adapter. These adapters fit onto most Keurig machines and allow you to use any type of coffee mug or cup with a Keurig filter. Simply fill your mug or cup with coffee grounds or tea leaves, insert the adapter, and brew as usual.
  • Buy in bulk. If you know you’ll be using your Keurig often, consider buying multiple pounds of coffee grounds or tea leaves in bulk. This will save you money in the long run and help reduce waste. Especially if you drink large amounts of coffee per day.
  • Make iced coffee or tea. Iced coffee and tea are great summer drinks, and you can easily make them at home with a Keurig. Simply brew your coffee or tea as usual, then add ice and enjoy.
  • Use a cold brew coffee maker. Cold brew coffee makers are designed to brew coffee without using any heat. This means that you can make cold brew coffee concentrate with your Keurig, which can be used to make iced coffee or tea. It can even be used as a base for other cold drinks like smoothies. However, many people say that cold coffee is bad coffee.
  • Make hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is a great winter treat, and it’s easy to make with a Keurig. Simply brew some hot water using your Keurig, then add your favorite hot chocolate mix and enjoy.
  • Use a water filter. If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, consider using a water filter with your Keurig. This will help remove impurities and improve the taste of your coffee or tea.
  • Descale your Keurig. Over time, mineral deposits can build up in your Keurig, which can impact the quality of your coffee or tea. To descale your Keurig, simply follow the instructions in your user manual.
  • Clean your Keurig regularly. Like any other appliance, it’s important to clean your Keurig regularly to prevent buildup and ensure peak performance. For detailed instructions on cleaning your Keurig, consult your user manual.


How much coffee do you put in a reusable K-Cup?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your reusable K-Cup and how much coffee you like in your cup. For a regular-sized reusable K-Cup, we recommend using 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee beans. If you like weak coffee, you can use less. If you like stronger coffee, you can use more. Just remember that too much coffee can make your coffee taste bitter.

How do you put the reusable K-Cup into Keurig?

You’ll need a coffee filter and the K-Cup of your choice. To insert the reusable K-Cup, first, remove the top cover of the Keurig. Next, take out the plastic tray that holds the coffee grounds. This will expose the chamber where you’ll insert the K-Cup. Place the coffee filter into the reusable K-Cup, and then add your favorite coffee grounds. Be sure to pack the grounds tightly so they don’t come loose when brewing. Finally, insert the K-Cup into the Keurig chamber and close the lid. Press the brew button and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Can you use any coffee in a reusable K-Cup?

Yes, you can use any coffee in a reusable K-Cup. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. The coffee grind should be finely ground, as this will help to prevent clogging. You’ll also want to make sure that the coffee is fresh, as older coffee can taste bitter. Finally, it’s important to tamp the coffee down firmly before brewing, as this will help to extract the maximum flavor from the beans.

Can all Keurigs use reusable pods?

As far as we know, all Keurig machines can use reusable pods. This is great news for coffee lovers who want to save money and reduce their environmental impact. There are a few different types of reusable pods on the market, so you’ll need to find one that is compatible with your particular Keurig model. Once you have the right pod, simply fill it with your favorite ground coffee and get brewing.

Do reusable K-Cup need filters?

Well, it depends on your personal preference. If you like the taste of your coffee with a little bit of sediment, then you probably don’t need to use a filter. However, if you prefer your cups of coffee to be completely free of any grounds, then using a filter is probably a good idea.

Are reusable K-Cup worth it?

It depends on how much coffee you drink and how much you value your time. If you’re a daily coffee drinker, and especially if your favorite isn’t offered in k-cups, then reusable K-Cup will likely be important to you if you like the convenience of Keurig one cup because maybe you don’t need a whole pot brewed every morning. If you don’t mind taking a few extra minutes to fill them each morning, they can be a great way to save money on your favorite coffee. Reusable cups that can be filled with your own coffee grounds. These cups will last with proper care.

Here are a couple of great options from Amazon: RETHONE Stainless Steel Reusable K Cups are a popular option. And DeliBru Reusable K Cups for Keurig 2.0 & 1.0 come in a pack of 4.

Can you put loose tea in a reusable K-Cup?

Yes, you can put loose tea in a reusable K-Cup. You will need to use a coffee filter or tea strainer to hold the tea leaves in place. Fill the cup with boiling water and let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes before enjoying.

Try Reusable

Regardless of which type you choose, using a reusable K-Cup is easy. Simply fill it with your desired coffee or tea, brew as usual, and then rinse out the cup. These cups are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

So give reusable a try. You’ll be able to use it on coffees who don’t come in a k-cup version. Your taste buds will thank you!