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Unique Coffee Finds from Around the World


My favorite Guatemalan is rich and chocolaty with smooth flavor, low acidity, and a clean caramel finish. Medium to full body.  Guatemala features several famous growing regions. The country has countless microclimates because of its terrain. Coffees are often grown at elevations over 5,000 feet. “Strictly Hard Bean” is the highest grade, based on elevation. Great Guatemalan coffees are fruity and nuanced, and they have very good acidity.


One most beloved Brazilian is from Cerrado, a unique coffee that is processed using a semi-washed technique where part of the cherry is left on the bean during the drying process. This coffee has a medium body, smooth acidity and is very rich and robust.      Cerrado is a coffee growing region in Minas Gerais. This is a high, semi-arid plateau surrounding the city of Patrocinio, between São Paulo and Brasilia. This area is located in Brazil’s central high plains region. The altitude in the region lies around 900 meters above sea level. the region is mostly flat, Most of the coffee is dry processed coffee. Cerrado coffees have a classic Brazilian cup profile: a big rounded body, low acidity, medium sweetness and flavour notes of nuts, chocolate and malt on occasions.


A very popular Ethiopian is Ethiopia Dijjamha.  It is Single-Origin, Creamy, Full-Bodied, Soft Notes of Black Current and Dry Cocoa, Soft Acidity, with Notes of Spice and Berries in the Finish

Hawaii - Kona

Kona coffee is a unique kind of coffee. Special beans, optimal growth circumstances, and unique methods of preparing the beans from plant to cup distinguish these coffees from "regular coffee." All of these factors add to the final cup of coffee's flavor, resulting in a flavor that can be appreciated and relished.

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