Beans Tips

Can You Pour Hot Water Over Ground Coffee?

You can pour hot water over ground coffee to make a cup of steaming coffee. Pour-over coffee requires grinding coffee beans, wetting them, and pouring hot water over them in short intervals to allow the extraction of coffee solubles in the grounds. 

Does Reheating the Coffee Destroy the Caffeine?

Reheating coffee doesn’t destroy the caffeine as caffeine stays stable until its melting point, 455 °F (235 °C). The boiling temperature will ultimately change the chemical structure of the oils and sugars in coffee, resulting only in an altered taste.

Is Instant Coffee Supposed To Completely Dissolve?

Instant coffee is supposed to dissolve completely because of the way it is formulated. When instant coffee is produced, the beans are dehydrated and formed into a powder. Instant coffee powder is more soluble than standard coffee grounds, making it completely dissolvable in water.

Does Cold Brew Coffee Have Any Calories?

Cold brew coffee in itself doesn’t contain any calories. Cold brew coffee contains 0 calories. However, adding milk or sugar to a cold brew increases calorie content.

Is It Safe To Grind Wet Coffee Beans?

It is unsafe to grind wet coffee beans in a grinder because wet beans will grind unevenly and clog the grinder. It will also introduce liquid into an otherwise dry area, promoting mold growth. However, a tiny amount of water added to the hopper can improve the grind and eliminate static cling.

Are Expensive Coffee Beans Worth It? How To Decide

Expensive coffee beans are worth it. They make a much better cup of coffee. You get a robust and full-bodied flavor and a delicious aroma. If you want exceptional coffee, it’s worth spending more on pricey beans. 

How To Unblock a Portafilter Basket (4 Tips and Tricks)

You can unblock a portafilter basket by soaking the basket in vinegar, burning the coffee grounds off, scrubbing it with a brush, or even using the steam wand to push the coffee particles out of the filter.

6 Reasons Why Espresso Cups Are So Small

Espresso cups are so small primarily because the beverage is very concentrated in comparison to brewed coffee. The cup’s size preserves the espresso’s flavor and discourages you from taking big gulps, as espresso is meant to be sipped. 

Why Are Most Coffee Mugs Left Handed?

Many coffee mugs are left-handed because most people are right-handed. If this sounds counterintuitive, it’s not. Instead, left-handed mugs allow all the “righties” in the world to do other tasks while holding tight to their morning brew. 

7 Reasons Why Your Instant Coffee Turns Out Bitter

Instant coffee can taste bitter because of the way you made the brew. The type of bean, drying process, and roast level can all cause a bitter taste. It could also be a user error. The type and temperature of the water and the ratio used can make coffee more bitter. 

How Long Do Coffee Tumblers Typically Last? 

Coffee tumblers typically last around a year if they’re made of high-quality materials. If made of lower quality material, such as plastic, you can expect them only to last a few months. 

Why Does Your Coffee Grinder Make So Much Noise?

Coffee grinders make a lot of noise because the coffee beans require a lot of force to grind due to their hardness. The spinning blades in conventional coffee grinders cause the beans to bounce around – the resultant sound of the beans being crushed can be harsh on the ears.

How Do Percolators Know When To Stop?

Percolators that have automatic shut-off features use a temperature gauge to know when to stop. However, not all percolators have these features, and manual percolators need to be stopped manually. Check if your percolator is electric or not to find out whether it will stop on its own.

How Long Do Starbucks Coffee Beans Typically Last?

Starbucks Coffee beans will typically last around three years if stored unopened in the freezer, nine months if unopened outside the freezer, or six months if opened. However, your coffee beans taste better the sooner you use them. Try to consume them within two weeks. 

Why Are Starbucks Coffee Beans So Oily?

Coffee aficionados everywhere love Starbucks coffee and swear by its quality. However, some people have noticed that their coffee beans are very oily and can be off-putting to some coffee drinkers. So, why are Starbucks coffee beans so oily? Starbucks coffee beans are very oily due to the length of time taken to roast the … Read more

How To Unclog a Drip Coffee Maker (3 Ways)

If you’re an everyday coffee drinker, you may have encountered the unfortunate issue of your coffee maker becoming clogged. This happens for many reasons, but most of it is just built up over time. On the bright side, it’s relatively easy to unclog a drip coffee maker.  To unclog your coffee maker, you just need … Read more